Steps to promote your apps on app stores

Recent revelations show that the number of apps submitted to the iTunes store only in a single passing day has reached to a whopping 1600. Yes, you read that right, and that’s only iTunes, leaving out the Android and other platforms.
As the number of apps in the stores is skyrocketing by every passing day, for an app that would make it worth someone’s time and that it would stand out from all other apps would be a giant success. While now and then an app turns the market upside down, having an app marketing plan is becoming a necessity for guaranteed success.
Make sure the app is really good. The app stores don’t allow the low-grade stuff into their malls and thousands of apps are rejected just because of this. It should have high-quality stuff if you are looking for a big success.  Below listed are some of the pre and post launch pitfalls for increasing your chances of success in launching an app.
Pre-launch Checks:
-Make sure you test the app rigorously before you launch it.
-Promoting the app on the social media might help people know about your app. Create new accounts in the name of apps and share the links to your app on your wall for your friends and family to see. It paves the path for more people to reach to it.
-Making a teaser video of shorter duration and showing what new are you bringing in the market that would stand out from others might increase interest in people.
-Run-around and upcoming posters and short commercials might help get the word out.
-Try making a website if the app is worth it and you are looking for a hot shot.
-Most importantly, a well-planned launch is always appreciated.
Post-launch Checks:
-Make sure you listen to the queries of the users after the launch. Not only it helps to make your app better but also you are paving the path for your apps to come.
-Try getting out more updates if there are any issues faced by users. Seasonal update, like Christmas, might help keep the ride interesting.
-Highlight where your app is designed for.
-Manage your user rating in a good way to get a better chance to get your app featured.

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