RoR has a lot of advantages over other Web technologies, tools & languages.. Here are few:

– applications can be developed much faster compared to other technologies
– the flexibility of RoR allows for easy modifications needed as per changing client requirements
– RoR is one of the best platforms to develop cloud-ready applications
– Work well with agile approaches and the scrum methodology
Since it has a vibrant open source community, There are always updates and new features being added in terms of gems and plugins

RoR development has been used to build a lot of successful e-commerce solutions like Groupon and some very successful Saas products like Basecamp.



AppStudio has been handling Ruby on Rails development in Dubai for quite some time now and have worked with clients around the globe to deliver highly scalable, secure and highly available web solutions. RoR is the core technology that we use for building backends for all our mobile apps & games. Finding a good company for Rails development in Dubai is difficult due to high demand and lower availability of quality and experienced engineers. Our Rails team with 20+ dedicated engineers have gained rich experience on multiple RoR projects over past 4 years. In doing so, we have embraced Agile and Lean practices and developed an efficient process to engage our team members in improve communication within teams and with clients.


We start with a project kick off meeting where our engineers, designers and QA gets to ask questions so that everyone is on the same page. We also develop some documents and wireframes to share our understanding of the concept with you. At the end of the this meeting we share a methodology that we will be following to develop the project and try to address the complex and time consuming features that might delay us from our target deadlines. We come up with a plan that fits your budget and timelines so that you can hit the market within your available budget and at the best possible time.

We offer following services:
– Awesome web design
– Expert front end developers (HTML5, CSS, Angular.js, BootStrap etc)
– Concept documentation / wire framing
– Development of concept (Agile)
– Deployment & after service maintenance



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