How important is analytics for your apps?

It was in February 2014 when the internet usage for the mobile devices left behind that of the PCs for the first time in the history. This explosion was noticed soon enough, and the marketers and entrepreneurs took advantage of it. The app stores began lighting up with thousands of newly added apps daily, and the quality control became more active.

This not only caused to tighten the check on apps for quality but developers began searching for new techniques to improve their chances of success. The analytics started getting more importance with every passing day.

Yes, knowing the number of downloads or the money you are making or what user thinks of the apps is important. But the analytics play a more important role now. The developers need to know how their app is used, what audience is using it the most and where is it used the most.

In an interesting lecture, Dave McLure explained the concept of analytics using five basic but important points, known as “AARRR”. That is

  • Acquisition – where the users come from
  • Activation – what percentage of people have a “happy” initial experience?
  • Retention – do they re-visit over time?
  • Referral – do they like it enough to spread it to others?
  • Revenue – can you generate money out of it?

Now that it’s all out, companies even develop their apps to do the analysis. There are several sets of data from an analytics which a company can use to determine its strategy to enhance its operation. Knowing where the interest of users lies can help the company or developer work on that area of the app to improve the reliability where the user faced difficulty.

The analysis also reveals the crash reports and bugs in the apps which are identified by both users and the testing team. This helps clear out the bugs through the updates in the time to come and improve the app’s performance.

The data analytics helps the developer or company to make it possible to push the app to be used to its maximum potential. This is done by judging the user behaviour through analysis and company then knows the reason why the users keep coming back. This helps old users to be loyal as well as encourage new users to join.

Getting out most from the app requires the use of analytics and updating consequently that provides the developer to with the information that can push their app to its maximum potential.

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