How Responsive Web Design Helps SEO

As mobile devices continue to make their way into every aspect of modern life, it is very crucial from an SEO perspective to create a website that works well across all devices of different platforms. Mobile responsive websites load properly on mobile devices depending on the resolution and screen size of device. This emerging feature of web design has been around since 2012.

Mobile responsive website reformats its pages to suit whichever device it is being accessed. This tells us that web pages are developed in such a way that they can be tailored to fit the needs of a mobile user, tablet user or desktop user with no headaches. This versatile level of user-friendliness has helped users and businesses interaction in a more comfortable manner leading to business success.

Mobile Responsive Design & Google’s Policy

Google has always declared a favoritism towards mobile responsive web designs. Google has started improving rankings of responsive sites. Mobile-optimized sites are the best way to target and attract mobile users, especially on a local level.

There are two different ways mostly used to attract mobile users – a single responsive web page and the separate mobile web page. From an SEO point of view, the responsive design can never compete with the mobile-only version. This provides the ease at which Google can use your pages during organic searches. A mobile-only site has two separate sets of information for submission to Google, while a responsive site has only one. This makes it easier for Google to crawl, and in result makes it more likely for you to get a top page ranking.

A Better Experience

As we all know, websites are designed and used as a source of information and content. By designing and providing an interface that is easy to navigate and helpful for users, they can get that information easily. User experience is a major factor which effects on your Google search engine visibility – Google has announced top rankings for mobile responsive web designs.

Whether it is a Smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, the web content should be properly visible to all. Moreover, it must be just as simple to use on each device. With this strategy, you can easily target the largest number of audiences on different platforms. In the result, search engines and readers will appreciate the responsive design. Ultimately, more people will talk about it and your traffic will increase.

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