Find out Major Differences between Android and iOS

In 2016, Android has a quite higher market share than iOS. The shocking growth of Android began in 2011, when these two operating systems had an almost identical market share. An essential thing to know at this moment is that there is no operating system that is entirely superior to the other. Both the operating systems offer pretty much the same functionalities. There is no OS that is quicker than the other but there are some differences also.

The major difference that is visible in most of the features of the operating systems, is that Android wants to offer as much functionality as possible and iOS wants to do everything as simple as possible. iOS concentrates on an easy to understand experience. The design of iOS is quite simple and attractive. All of the applications are appeared in the same pattern. Where Android offers a great deal of adaptability in the home screen, iOS doesn’t. Gadgets for example. A gadget can be portrayed as a kind of little form of an application. If want to use a news application, a gadget of this application can show you the headlines. In Android, you can put these gadgets on your home screen. With iOS, gadgets don’t exist on your home screen.


Something that is critical, is the security and privacy of the operating systems. iOS offers a ton better security and privacy settings. For instance, the App Store of iOS only offers applications that were endorsed by Apple. The application store of Android, The Play Store, doesn’t do this. The applications are placed in the Play Store immediately, and they are checked later by Google officials. However, on iOS, the applications must be of a higher quality standard than the Android applications have to be before they are endorsed.


A critical thing that you have to know is that iOS just runs on devices that are made by Apple. Android OS by Google is open source. Which implies that everyone can access the source code of Android using internet. There are a lot of Smartphone manufacturing companies who produce latest versions of Android phones. These different versions are called skins.

OS Updates

Operating system updates work very differently for an iOS phone than it does for an Android phone. For Apple, OS updates are much easier to manage than for Google. This is the result of the skins that depends upon the various versions of Android. If you own a Sony phone, Sony manages your updates. This means that if Google launches a new version of Android, your Sony phone doesn’t immediately get it. First, Sony has to update phone’s skin and make it compatible with the new Android version. As you can imagine, this takes some time. Apple ca do this all very easily. Since there is only one version of iOS, and there is a limited number of iPhones, the updates can be rolled out a lot quicker to all of the devices.


Actually, these are all the things you have to think about the differences between Android and iOS. In fact, no one wants to buy a phone with a wrong operating system. Everything relies on upon what you need of your phone. Do you really need a lot customization feature? Or do you just want every feature to work fine. Apple has built up good reputation in manufacturing decent looking phones and iOS updates. The experience of using Apple devices tells us, that everything on your phone works perfectly as Apple wants it to. That’s the main reason of its popularity, and a lot of people are positive about it.

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