It is hard to ignore android as platform due to its substantial market share and number of users relying on it for connectivity. So Whether you are planning to a build a product to hit the market with your billion dollar idea or you plan to support your existing customers by providing your services through smartphones, Android as a platform is close to compulsory. Our Engineers have extensive and diverse background in web & mobile from across the Dubai area. Have delivered award winning products for our clients across the globe and have been involved in some of the products that users love. If you are looking for an android application developer in Dubai for your brilliant idea or to support your existing users. We are the best company to approach and connect with.


We provide quality services under one roof along all areas of application programming. App studio is the most experienced and skilled developer. Having delivered 200+ applications for clients around the globe, our design team takes pride in create most innovative and friendly GUIs. App studio has the honor of achieving trust of organizations for its extra ordinary engineering team. We create customized and target user specific end to end solutions to enable connectivity. We are proud to be a leader in enterprise mobility in well established economies as well as in developing world. Our Engineering & Design team remains up to date with latest developments within android eco system including OS updates, hardware changes and latest apps in the market making their mark.


Please drop us a line if you are looking for mobile app designer or developer. Our Designers & Engineers will create a solution within your budget & timelines.


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