5 Tools needed for efficient working of remote programmers

Working with remote programmers and developers often become difficult as you don’t know what compiler or tool they use to perform their tasks. It is always safe to guide the remote programmers working with you to use specific code building and compiling tools to increase the mutual understanding with the programmer.

There are some tools available to perform tasks and code different programs. Working with any tool has its pros and cons and every tool performs a similar task. Choosing the best tool is always up to you. You can work on any tool you want to. Following are some famous and widely used tasks management and programming tools you can use with remote programmers.


  • Cloud9:
    Cloud 9 is a remote development environment which is used as a coding tool and is accessible from any gadget or device.Cloud 9 is cloud-based improvement environment for Ubuntu Linux supervision with an extension to generate code and run programs. With the support of different computer programming languages like python, ruby/rails and Node JS, cloud9 is surely a helpful tool.
    Cloud9 is available at a premium cost of $19/month and can be used with VMware as well.


  • Slack:
    Slack, is a communication tool based on chat room environment. Used to share document and messages, “Slack” is one of the most used communication tools in software houses and IT companies.
    Light-years in front of customary email and message sharing software and tools available, “Slack” components exceptionally effective in corporations that are ideal for a joint group effort. Groups can be sorted out by correspondence channels with all messages, notices and documents listed and searchable.
  • Trello:
    Trello is one of the most used project management and handling tool all across the world. Trello coordinates with Slack and components a powerful API that engineers can begin utilising after just a 5-minute presentation. Utilising Trello we can arrange ventures utilising sheets, making it simple to see assignments and status.
    With free add-on option, such as organisation administrator, Trello costs around $5-per-user/month.
  •  DropBox:
    Working with drag and drop option, Drop Box is surely the best cloud-based document sharing and handling software in use today. The tool is available at $795/years for a team of five users and offers great accessibility and ease with drag and drop option.  


  •  Screenhero:
      Recently bought by Slack, screenhero is a virtual screen sharing and real-time collaboration tool allowing pair programming, one to one and one to many collaboration. Screenhero is free for users with the option to add new users on invitation from any existing user.

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